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Welcome to Kilmaine Primary School Website.  Those involved in the running of the management of this school strive to offer the best in primary education for all our pupils.  This is made possible by the great emphasis we place on partnership.

The school motto ‘Everyone Counts’, highlights our commitment to a high level of involvement for all those concerned with the welfare and education of our pupils. It is this commitment which enabled us to become one of the first South Eastern Board primary schools to achieve the ‘Investors in People’ standard which we still proudly hold.

“Everyone Counts”

The partnership we have with our parents is paramount to our success.  We recognise the role that you, as primary carers play in helping your children achieve to their full potential.  We are committed to forging good links with our parents and so encourage you to contact us if your children have any problems which may cause their education to be affected.

Yours sincerely




J F Mann