Kilmaine Primary School and Nursery Unit

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Our Staff

Principal Mrs R Sinnamon
Vice Principal Mrs J Canmore
Learning Support Coordinator and VP Release Mrs K Massey
Nursery Unit - Head of Nursery Miss N Mellon
Nursery Unit - Nursery Assistant Mrs J Graham
Year 1 - Head of Year Group Mrs V McPeake
Year 1 Mrs J Canmore, Mrs R McGovern
Year 2 - Head of Year Group Mrs S Carter
Year 2 Mrs N Bell, Miss R Willis
Year 3 - Head of Year Group Mrs E Boal
Year 3 Mrs T Kerr, Miss L Owen
Year 4 - Head of Year Group Mrs C Andrews
Year 4 Mrs K Wood, Mrs S Heatley, Mrs E Skimin
Year 5 - Head of Year Group Miss S Kirkland, Mrs R Davis
Year 5 Mrs J Price, Mrs J Toner
Year 6 - Head of Year Group Miss S McGreevy
Year 6 Miss R Cully, Mrs J Marshall
Year 7 - Head of Year Group Mrs S Vaughan
Year 7 Mr G Dunlop, Mrs R Martin-Gray
Classroom Assistants Mrs K Chestnutt, Miss S Noble, Mrs A Green, Mrs L Deehan, Mrs G Robinson, Mrs B McAllister, Mrs N Johnston, Miss J Kelso, Ms G O'Connor, Mrs T Martin, Mrs M Bret, Mrs S Little, Mrs K Scott, Mrs A Rea, Mrs S Fearon, Mrs S Carson, Mrs V McKelvey, Mrs Z Zoltan, Mrs M Montgomery, Mrs M Wilson, Mrs J Strain, Mrs T McCoubrie, Mrs J R Spiers, Mrs M Beattie, Miss B Robinson, Miss M Graham, Miss O Reid, Miss T Baxter, Miss O Corbett, Mrss K Brown
General Assistants Mrs J Nickell, Mrs L Parkinson
Supervisory Assistants Mrs G Robinson, Miss S Noble, Mrs B Corbett, Mrs K Scott, Mrs L Wray, Mrs B McAllister, Mrs L Deehan, Mrs L Parkinson, Mrs L Majury, Mrs M Montgomery, Mrs V Coon, Mrs N Johnston, Mr L Robinson, Mr G Beattie, Mrs M Bret, Miss O Corbett, Miss M Graham
Office Staff Mrs J Smyth, Mrs N Johnston, Mrs H Gibbons, Mrs J Nickell
Building Supervisors Mr L Andrews, Mrs T Duncan, Mr J Bell
Technical Support Mr M Johnston
Crossing Patrol Mr L Robinson