Letter from the Chief Medical Officer - September 2021


PHA Advice to Schools - September 2021


Free School Meals & Uniform Grants September 2021


Car Park September 2021


Parent Update 1st September 2021


HSC Guidance Flowchart for Close Contacts

School Holidays List 2021 - 2022


Letter to Parents / Carers from the Education Minister


Breakfast Club 2021 - Parents Letter


Breakfast Club 2021 - Medical Protocol Form


Breakfast Club 2021 - Registration Form


Parent Update August 2021


Parent Letter June 2021


School Development Plan 2020 - 2021 - Year in Retrospect


Parent Discussion Groups

PARENTLINE offer parent discussion groups for a range of issues


Parent Update Tuesday 22 June 2021


Kilmaine PE Uniform June 2021


Education Authority Literacy Support Service

To view the Literacy Support Newsletters, please click on the following link:

Fourth Edition Literacy Support Service Newsletter -  https://sway.office.com/z2hEZEwqfUAAuoZE?ref=Link

Infant Mental Health Week


Baillies Bangor


Free School Meals and Uniform Allowance June 2021


School Photographs Online Code May 2021


Parent Update 1st June 2021


Transfer Procedure 2021 - 2022


Transfer Procedure - Guidance Notes


Transfer Procedure - Application Terms & Conditions


KPS Breakfast Club Restart April 2021


Important School Reminders April 2021

Literacy Support Newsletter

To view the Literacy Support Newsletters, please click on the following links:


Literacy Support Service 1st Edition Newsletter - https://sway.office.com/GgRFD5xCBes1e2Hr?ref=Link


Literacy Support Service 2nd Edition Newsletter - https://sway.office.com/IOWgF2uVh2jGguBv?ref=Link


Literacy Support Service 3rd Edition Newsletter - https://sway.office.com/JfOFLubiSE18DNYv



School Holiday List 2021 - 2022


Department of Education - School Return Arrangements


How to Access Accelerated Reader for Books not on 'myON'          Online Reading Resource 


The following URL should be used as stated in the video below:             ukhosted124.renlearn.co.uk/2235127                         


myON - Online Reading Resource


NSPCC - Speak Out.  Stay Safe Programme


Education Restart Leaflet


Letter from the Minister of Education to Parents & Carers


Letter from Chief Medical Officer to Parents & Carers


Letter from the Minister of Education to Parents & Carers


Department of Education Parents and Carers Leaflet


Huddle Up - Back to School Package


Book Recommendations

We often have parents asking teachers for recommendations for books for their child to read at home. We have found some brilliant reading ideas from the 'World Book Day' website to help you. Each of the books have been put into different age appropriate bands.  


Emergency Contact Procedures

Online Support for Year 7 Pupils 2020


Advice on Coronavirus


Safer Schools NI - Release of App


Year 6 Transfer Process - Parent Update


Telephone & Web Support for Young People (updated 23/3/20)


ThinkuKnow - Keeping Your Child Safe Online


Application Form - School Provision for Children of Key Workers


Useful Apps - Emotional Well Being - Action for Children